Who is JP Creative?

Hello, I’m Jackson Price. I’m a senior art director and designer with over 25 years of experience. JP Creative is my portfolio site, showcasing my work across a variety of business sectors. My clients include the Fortune 100, ad agencies, design studios, universities, government agencies, small businesses, and former professional athletes.



Motion graphics, animation


Multiple styles, both digital and drawn by hand

Logos & Print

Logos, book covers, brochures, business collateral, cards, flyers, direct mail, t-shirts, posters

Web & Screen

Websites, infographics, social media graphics, animated gifs, PowerPoint, Keynote

How I Approach Design

I believe great design marries aesthetics and strategy. It takes both working together to tell a compelling story. Why sweat the details over crafting the perfect marketing message and then not invest in the design that visually completes it? Great design completes your brand message by visually backing up the story you’re crafting for current and potential clients, making it easier for them to trust you.

The Process

Design has a job to do and should be objective more than subjective. The process I use is decidedly simple. I’ll assess what your project goals are, create a solution, and then guide you through production.